Kangertech SSOCC replacement coil heads

Kangertech SSOCC, short for Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coil sets a new standard of excellence for vaping.

The Kanger SSOCC wicking material is made from Organic Japanese Cotton and provides thick flavorful vapor when paired with the correct device.

Please be aware that the tanks these coils are used in are for advanced users only. If you are using a regulated mod, you must confirm that it is capable of supporting the required amperage.  

This also applies to your battery, in removable battery devices you must be certain that they support the required amps. For a mechanical mod please use 30 Amp batteries or higher. 

If you are going to use these advanced products, you are going to need to familiarize yourself with ohms law. Since we are an online store only, we recommend making your first MOD purchase at an actual store since there is only so much we can support via email. The higher price will be worth the knowledge you will gain to safely use these advanced products.

With that being said, use of this product is at your own risk!

The Kangertech SSOCC coils Replacement coil heads are compatible with the following devices-

Kanger Subtank

Kanger Subtank Mini

Kanger Subtank Nano

Kanger NEBOX


Kanger Toptank

Kanger K Kiss

Kanger K Pin


Coils will perform differently under different variables therefore we do no offer any warranty on coils other than dead on arrival (which is very rare).  

Kangertech SSOCC replacement coil heads has a rating of stars based on reviews.

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