Kangertech Kpin Starter Kit

The Kangertech Kpin features a built in 2000mAh I repeat 2000mAh battery for plenty of power for clean, powerful vapor output that compares with much more complicated and expensive MOD setups.

The greatest benifit of the Kangertech Kpin is all you need to do is add your favorite liquid, charge, and vape.  There is no messing around with settings, voltages, or any of the complications that come with more elaborate setups.

The tank capacity is up to 4mL of eliquid and is easliy filled from the top. 

The Kangertech Kpin uses SSOCC coils which use organic cotton and bring out the best in the flavor of your liquid. 

The Kangertech Kpin features a led battery status indicator on the front so you know when it’s time for a recharge.

To summerize, the Kangertech Kpin is an easy to use high performance vaporizer that combines Evod ease of use with power and thick clouds of vapor.


The 2000mAH battery can be detached and used with other 510 threaded tanks. The coils pictured below are what the replacement packaging looks like, but please be aware packaging can change without warning but 321vape.com will keep you informed if such a change occurs.  



Whats in the box-

1 Kangertech Kpin

2 SSOCC SS 0.2 Ohm coils

1 usb charging cable (single usb cord, no wall adapter)

1 Instruction Manual





To turn the device on, click the firing button 5 times rapidly to turn the device on and off.

To avoid burning your coil, fire the Kpin for 2 or 3 seconds.

Never leave the Kpin in a hot car and never charge unattended.

Experiment with the coil ohm you use. Differnt flavors can taste differnt with different ohm coils due to the change of the amount of heat produced.  

Keep this device and all vaping related devices out of the reach of children.





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