Kangertech EMOW 1300mAh Battery

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More capacity, more power with the EMOW 1300mAh Battery from Kangertech.  

This battery supports all of Kanger's older tanks, such as the T2, T3s, MT3s, Protank and Aerotank Series.  

While not a true variable voltage battery, the Kangertech EMOW 1300mAh allows you to adjust the power output to 3 defined settings, 4.8 Volts, 4.2 Volts, and 3.7 Volts.  

If you are using a standard EVOD Battery, you are limited to 3.7 volts and must buy different ohm coils if you want to adjust the vapor output and temperature.  

With this battery, 3 clicks of a button allow you to make adjustments that can increase the temperature and vapor production without needing to purchase different ohm coils.  

The EMOW uses a standard Kangertech eGo charger and according to Kangertech supports up to 14 hours of use. This will vary based on how much you vape and what voltage you have the device set at.  

We recommend starting at 3.7 volts and working your way up as some liquids can begin to taste burnt at different temperatures.  

If you are looking for maximum vapor production with this battery you would set it at 4.8 volts and purchase 1.8 ohm coils to go into your tank.

Always keep in mind changing different variables including the amount of VG/PG, the flavor additives, the coil ohm, and battery voltage, all can impact your experience. Experimenting and trying different combinations is the best way to find what you really like and also what you don't.


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