Kangertech has decided to change the packaging of the coils previously labeled "Coil Unit for Protank & EVOD & Unitank.  

Currently the package looks like this-

Old Style Evod/Protank/and Unitank Coils

New Style MT32 coils


kangertech mt32 coil


We will now carry the MT32 coils going forward and Kangertech has advised us that they are compatible with the same tanks & clearomizers. The only part of the product that has changed is the packaging.  

We are not sure why Kangertech decided to change the name of the product after so many years, but please be aware that Kangertech is a China Branded product that we import to sell to the US Market.  


We know this may be confusing but If you have any questions please feel free to email us at chris@321vape.com, message us on chat, or call 855-399-8273.  


Written by Christopher White — March 24, 2017


Jerr7y Kroegel:

the coiis I went today start working then stop 8 of them I check bett but the coils stop after 5 mins

April 26 2017

Chris White:

Either you need a new battery, or your liquid is too thick. A coil shouldn’t last 5 minutes. I’d suggest trying a dry burn which can be found here- https://www.321vape.com/blogs/news/10899953-how-to-dry-burn-your-t3s-to-clean-the-coil .

Note- YOU DO NOT WANT TO DRY BURN ORGANIC COTTON COILS. Kanger has a MT32 organic cotton version and you DO NOT want to dry burn as silica is the appropriate material for this cleaning method.

May 18 2017

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