Before proceeding, be aware that this guide refers to standard silica based coils, which we sell unless otherwise marked.  You CANNOT dry burn an organic cotton coil.  We recommend you test on a coil that you would have normally discarded.  


Over time you may notice your clearomizer isn't performing the way it did when it was new.  You might be getting a different taste or reduced vapor volume on each puff of the vaporizer, which normally is resolved by replacing the bottom coil on clearomizers such as the Kanger T3s, MT3s, EVOD, or Protank.  Rather than throw out your coil you can try a "dry burn" which will help clean the accumulated gunk that has built up causing your performance issues.


To dry burn your atomizer coil, you will need a battery, paper towels, tweezers, and your e-liquid.  


Begin by unscrewing the base from the Clearomizer Tank.


kanger t3s with ego evod battery/></div>
<div><strong>Now take your base and rinse it in the sink with cold water.</strong></div>
<div><img src=
Remove the gasket from the stem and set it aside.  You will put this back on when finished.
remove stem from kanger t3s atomizer
Pop the center stem off of the base.  Use a paper towel to help you grip the stem and give it a tug (it may take a bit of force).  I would not do this over the sink because your wick may pop out and we don't want it going down the drain!
You should have something that looks like this-
kanger clearo exposed atomizer coil wick
Use your tweezers and remove the exposed wick sitting in the groove on top of the base and set them aside.  Your wicked coil will now be exposed.  Give the exposed coil and base a quick rinse with cold water.  
use tweezers to remove wick from kanger t3s clearo
After rinsing, take a paper towel and gently pinch the top of the base at the wicks to help soak up the water.  Make sure to get the battery connector side dry!
rinse kanger t3s clear atomizer head with cold water
Attach the base on to your battery.  Push the power button in 1-2 second increments to begin burning off the crud that has accumulated on the atomizer coil.  Periodically blow out any ash that has accumulated in the base.  Continue the dry burn until you no longer see any crud burning off.
dry burn with ego or evod battery to get all excess crud  
Your coil should look like this after burning off all the crud.
heated atomizer coil head on ego style kanger evod battery
Take your flavor wick and use a paper towel to gently pat it dry.  Use your tweezers to put the wick back into the grooves on top of the base.
dry the kanger t3s clearo
Prime the coil by adding a couple of drops of e-liquid to the flavor wick to help avoid dry hits once you have the tank reassembled.
add e-liquid to clearo
Snap the stem back into the base.
put t3s clearo stem back on base
Put the gasket back on to the stem to finish.  You can now fill your clearomizer tank with liquid and screw the base back on!
dry burn is a cheap way to save
Hopefully the dry burn allows you to save some money and extend the life of your coil.  I hope you have found this post helpful, please fill free to leave any other tips you may have on the topic in the comments!

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Written by Christopher White — December 15, 2013



Thanks man love the t3s! Good guide!!!!!

February 19 2014

James Spears:

Thanks for the post, great information! Any suggestions as to what to do if the wick falls apart? Can they be replaced? Thanks!

March 31 2014


James, the wicks are made from silica which can usually be found on amazon.com (but we may add this on our site in the future). Also, you can always try to salvage the wicks from your old coils. When a coil burns out, just take it apart, pull the wick, and give it a good rinse.

April 12 2014

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