You may be browsing our site and notice that we offer clearomizers with different ohm ratings.  This is confusing to many people new to the world of vaping so we will try and help clear things up.


Simply speaking, ohms is the measure of electrical resistance or how easy electricity is freely able to travel.  Selecting a atomizer coil with a higher ohms rating may produce different vapor experience than a coil with a lower ohms rating.


Generally, a LOWER OHMS RATING (example 1.8 ohm) will-

  • Produce a warmer vapor
  • Produce more vapor
  • Cause your battery to discharge faster
  • Use e-liquid at a faster rate


Generally, a HIGHER OHMS RATING (example 2.5 ohm) will-

  • Produce a cooler vapor
  • Produce less vapor compared to the lower ohms atomizer coils
  • Will allow for longer battery life
  • Use e-liquid at a slower rate

Keep in mind there could be other variables involved that could effect your vaping experience (e-liquid type, battery type and voltage) so your results may vary but we suggest you try out different coils and decide which you prefer.


All batteries we sell will work with the different ohm ratings on our clearomizers so you do not need to worry about buying the "wrong" product.  If you purchase a replaceable coil clearomizer such as the Kanger T3s, you can purchase atomizer coil head replacements that are a different rating than when you first purchased the clearomizer.


Hopefully this helps and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!




Written by Christopher White — December 09, 2013

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